Traditional peanut candy with popiah skin in Penang

The other sort comprises of squashed peanuts and sugar pressed into a round and hollow shape around 5-7cm tall, known as “kong ‘th’ng” in Penang.

To the extent “kong th’ng” goes, many spots offer them with no guarantees, yet in case you head to Weld Quay on Penang island and search for Mr Khoon’s titbits slow down, you’ll see one that accompanies uncommon popiah skin.The job of popiah skin is two overlay – it fills in as a convenient covering for the nut treats so you don’t ruin your shirt while enjoying them; and all the more critically, it supplements the flavor of sweet nut candy with a trace of pungency, just as a decent change in surface.

It is, to put it plainly, just wonderful. Assuming you wind up in Georgetown, do watch out for this sweet treat.

Cheerful food hunting!


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