Soft, fluffy pandan bao for breakfast or afternoon tea

Bao or steamed buns are famous among Malaysians and are typically had during breakfast or evening tea. They look easy to make yet, in truth, it’s not in every case simple to get the delicate surface right.

All things considered, this formula is truly outstanding and least demanding to assist you with making credible, fleecy pandan-scented buns in your own kitchen. Stuff them with your most loved kaya (why not have a go at making your own?) or other sweet fillings, for example, red bean or lotus glue.


500g low-protein flour or bao flour
9g moment yeast
2 teaspoon twofold activity baking powder
100g fine sugar (or as indicated by inclination)
230ml pandan juice, made by mixing 6 pandan leaves with water in addition to 1 teaspoon white vinegarMix all fixings together and massage into a smooth and versatile batter.
Place the batter in a bowl, cover with a clammy fabric, and put away for 15-20 minutes.
To make the bao, partition the mixture into 50g balls and smooth them with the impact point of your palm.
Utilize a tablespoon or little frozen yogurt scoop to isolate your sweet filling of decision into individual serves.
Place the filling in the smoothed mixture and wrap into a ball, squeezing them shut. This will be the highest point of your bao.
Permit to rest for 40 minutes or until each bao has multiplied in size.
Place the baos in a liner and cook for 15 minutes.
Once the baos are prepared, eliminate from the liner and let cool marginally. They are best eaten warm.
50g shortening

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