Bangsar eatery serves up a ‘fierce’ banana leaf meal

Indian cooking is an indispensable mainstay of Malaysian food culture. With diners going from humble side of the road slows down to superb feast corridors, any foodie will be spoilt for decision.

In any case, on the off chance that you’re keeping watch for a really extraordinary gastronomic experience, head over to Bangsar Utama, where a darling Indian restaurant has quite recently rejigged its menu.

Furious Curry House has been on the radar of food sweethearts throughout recent years, and all things considered.

Situated along occupied Jalan Kemuja, this restaurant has gained notoriety for being the go-to put assuming you’re craving for a steaming hot plate of biryani.

What’s more any biryani, mind you, yet biryani served in a wide assortment of choices you won’t find elsewhere.But nowadays, you can select to enjoy an evil dinner of banana leaf rice at Fierce Curry House, another expansion to the menu that is quick turning into a top choice among its faithful stream of clients.

While most banana leaf sets accompany the standard three vegetables and a meat of your decision; at Fierce Curry House, you can expect up to 16 dishes, no doubt about it!

This is all important for Fierce Curry House’s “Banana Leaf at Home” offer, created during the last Covid-19 lockdown so Malaysians could encounter the delights of a banana leaf supper in the security of their homes.With Covid-19 limitations right now loose, you can partake in this magnificent set at the café now.

Mind you, it is valued at RM220 as it is intended for six, so bring a major party for most extreme pleasure.

Beside rice recently out of the pot served on banana leaves, you will be blessed to receive XXL Mud Crab Curry, which is just as great as it sounds.Huge crabs soaked in a thick curry will make pretty much anybody salivate, so envision getting into this awesome dish, speedily breaking through the shell to get at the succulent meat inside.

Furthermore there’s the singed chicken – totally fresh outwardly and very delicate and flavourful inside, each chomp will inch you somewhat nearer to paradise.

Meat sweethearts will likewise have a field day with the Mutton Mirchi Masala, where every piece of meat sneaks up suddenly of flavour.Accompanying the banana leaf set are two poriyals – cabbage and long beans – that are crunchy and tasty.

There is additionally the Bhindi MasalNow, for the exceedingly significant sauce! Make your pick of veggie lover sambar or plain chicken sauce or spoon up some crab sauce as well. Even better, why not stroll on the wild side, and stir every one of the three up?

Aside from the papadom, other absolute necessities in this banana leaf set incorporate the Mango Pickle, Fried Salted Chili and a reviving raita, a shelter to okra sweethearts, and Eggplant Masala, delicate in surface and wealthy in taste.Speaking of vegetables, one must-attempt that will leave you snared is the Fried Bittergourd, which is beguilingly straightforward in appearance however habit-forming as far as taste.

By this point, you should feel to some degree near being full, however account for some hot, acrid andIf by some wonder you actually have space for dessert, dive into some lip-smacking Gulab Jamun or attempt the Roti Nutella, which comprises of lashes of Nutella sandwiched between bits of hot naan, finished off with frozen yogurt.

And keeping in mind that you’re at Fierce Curry House, why not attempt the mark Lobster Biryani? Remember however you need to put in a request for this dish 24 hours ahead of time. calming Rasam that will assist with making a sound as if to speak and leave you feeling warm inside.

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